Spezifische Auswertung des Schulversuches Gemeinschaftsschule für unsere Schule

Am 20. März 2017 fand in Dresden die Abschlussveranstaltung zum Schulversuch „Schule mit besonderem pädagogischen Profil / Gemeinschaftsschule“ statt. In dieser Veranstaltung wurden die Ergebnisse des Schulversuches in ihrer Gesamtheit vorgestellt. Eine schulspezifische Auswertung wurde jeder Schule in schriftlicher Form übergeben.
In diesem Bericht werden sechs Bewertungskriterien vorgestellt. Stellvertretend für alle hier die grafische Auswertung zur Schulfreude:


Zur Messung der Schulfreude wurden die Schülerinnen und Schüler gefragt, wie es ihnen derzeit in der Schule gefällt. Die Abbildung zeigt die prozentualen Anteile der Antwortkategorie „sehr gut“ im Zeitverlauf von Klassenstufe 6 über 8 zu 10. Die blaue Linie ist das Ergebnis der Befragung an unserer Schule. Mit der roten Linie werden sachsenweit ausgewählte Vergleichsoberschulen im Durchschnitt dargestellt, mit der grauen ausgewählte Vergleichsgymnasien. Die Ergebnisse wurden im Rahmen einer wissenschaftlichen Begleitung durch die TU Dresden ermittelt.
Die weiteren Auswertungen der Bewertungskriterien liegen an der Schule vor.

Wir sind über das Ergebnis hocherfreut.

In Kürze wird die gesamte Auswertung für unsere Schule im Netz abrufbar sein.

3. Skitag – der Durchbruch 

Heute hatten wir drei Skigruppen unter Anleitung von Herrn Flath (Profis), Herrn Otto und Herrn Bosse (Fortgeschrittene) und Herrn Fröhlig und Herrn Weigand, die sich liebevoll um die Anfänger kümmerten. Ziel war es, unter Verbesserung der  technischen Fertigkeiten alle Pisten sicher zu bewältigen.  Das wurde von allen Schülern erreicht, die sich bei ihren Lehrern ganz herzlich bedankten. Heute Abend ging es zur Entspannung noch in die Sauna.  Das Wetter  kann nur wieder mit „Kaiserwetter “ beschrieben werden.

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„We basically taught all subjects, mostly math, some English, creative arts. And a kind of language arts they also had,“ says Dulong. And bathe the younger children who live at the orphanage. In tax happy states like California, drivers are still suffering self imposed pain at the pump, at $3.56 a gallon.The price at the pump has followed the price of crude oil on a downward spiral. International benchmark Brent crude has fallen from $115 a barrel in June 2014 to its current level below $50. A struggling global economy is partly responsible for slowing the demand for oil, and the success of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, to tap heretofore unreachable shale based deposits has boosted supply.

„We haven’t seen a big trend. They happen sporadically,“ said Pasadena police Sgt. Marie Sell said. Whether or not the Fed December meeting results in an increased funds rate, you should think about your entire financial picture. The general expectation is that rates will continue to increase as the economy strengthens. Keep an eye on your interest rates and maintain a diverse portfolio and you should be prepared for whatever happens..

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It may initially seem cheaper to adopt a „free column“ or „backyard breeder“ animal but certain expenses are often overlooked. A free animal is generally not already de wormed, disease tested, behavior tested, micro chipped, spayed or neutered, or fully vaccinated, which is vital to the health of the animal. Animals obtained from backyard breeders or free columns are just as important and deserving of proper medical care and attention as any other animal, but unfortunately don’t always receive it.

10 and March 21. Great savings when a young adult ticket costs $64, a junior $52. Buy a $79 Fan Card and you get half off the $69 midweek pass, 25 percent off the $75 weekend day. I also stand with our teachers. We must stop using teachers as a scapegoat for systemic shortcomings. I will work to empower teachers and treat them like the professionals they are.

But now everybody figured it out, these pitches are the worst so better be prepared for it, do not play usual cricket, change thier own game, spinners should believe in pitch to do wonders and not doing too much, pitch the ball in same area and expect it to misbehave, batters change the attacking game prepare for balls that keeps low. And suddenly Aussies figured it out and indian players know it, their secret weapon of pitch is gone, they are simply gone down. A world of dreams shattered.

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It’s a racket. It’s fixed,“ said Brian. „If there’s a shortage of materials in my business, I have to pay more and make less. I don think it’s players coming back from Peel. It players coming off long term injury. We have a look at that in due course.

KOONES: Prefab houses can cost from 5 percent to 15 percent less than an on site built house. And we know that building prefab saves time and energy both in the construction process and also in terms of maintenance. You wouldn’t want someone to dump a bunch of car parts in your <a href=““>wholesale jerseys</a> driveway and build a car there, so why would you want a home built that way? It’s so wasteful..

That is the first step in preventing infection.“People just don’t clean their eyes really well, because they don’t want to mess up their lashes. Then they get buildup of of things that can get infections,“ Durrie said.Durrie recommends taking eye makeup off with diluted baby shampoo or a commercial makeup remover. He even says Vaseline or olive oil could be used.As for Wiebrecht, she says she’ll be looking into the eyelash extensions, and they may just be her new secret weapon.“Everyone wants to look and feel their best,“ she said.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Missouri man charged with felony after alleged racial slurMissouri man charged with felony after alleged racial slurUpdated: Thursday, January 29 2015 11:44 PM EST2015 01 30 04:44:07 GMT.

So why is Ford being marked down? Analysts don’t see the record setting growth continuing this year. They note car manufacturers have relied heavily on discounts and promotions to draw in buyers, though Ford has said its own average retail price was $2,500 higher in January and up $1,900 in February Also the banner sales years the automakers recorded have taken up much of the excess slack in demand from the market. Car sales, after all, were down 24% year over year..

Tom Foley would take Connecticut progress and shift it into reverse. He has spent his career making millions while destroying jobs. This is the same Tom Foley who in July told workers in Eastern Connecticut that it was their fault their factory closed.

The band’s biggest hits include „Surrender,“ <a href=““>cheap nfl jerseys</a> „I Want You to Want Me, „Dream Police,“ „The Flame“ and „Ain’t That A Shame.“ With a lineup that’s remained largely unchanged since 1974, Cheap Trick also includes lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Robin Zander, bassist Tom Petersson and drummer Bun E. Carlos, although Daxx Nielsen is currently sitting in on drums this tour. The band returns to Atlantic City this Saturday, May 7 (9pm) at the Tropicana Showroom.

These results echo

These results echo those of a previous strategy to move outpatient clinics outside the hospital setting. In the 1990s, specialist outreach clinics were established in which specialists travelled to general practitioner clinics to see patients. Again these were associated with high patient satisfaction and reduced waiting times but increased costs to the NHS.3.

City building department chief Darin Ranelletti said code enforcement inspectors have not been inside the building for at least 30 years. He said inspectors only seek entry into buildings when a new construction permit is applied for or when the department <a href=““>cheap jerseys from china</a> receives complaints. Ranelletti says inspectors try to work with owners to gain access, but require a court order when denied entry..

Although lower labor costs are commonly cited as a benefit of staff localization, this is often true only for entry and mid level roles. At Procter Gamble, for example, one executive indicated that a local Chinese hire typically represents only one third the cost of an expatriate. However, following the rise in average income and the appreciation in the Chinese currency, this gap has begun to close.

You will likewise have to wait twenty four hours prior to cleaning your cars and truck after changing your windshield. This is due to the fact that the chemicals and also water pressure used could affect the installment. Routine rainfall, like rainfall or snow, will certainly not impact the sealant or cure.

We’re exciting. We live on the edge. We haven’t had a date in five years.. Food After planning your menu, make a complete list of recipes and needed items to add to your budget. If you are using a caterer, talk to two or three different ones. Tell them what your vision is, and see what they suggest.

What is ‚heavy‘ bleeding?It’s hard to pinpoint an exact amount when it comes to what constitutes a heavy period, as it varies a lot <a href=““>wholesale jerseys china</a> from woman to woman, but it’s thought 90% of women lose less than 80mls, so if you’re losing more than that, your period would likely be considered abnormally heavy. But a better way of knowing if you suffer from heavy periods could be having to change your tampon or sanitary towels too often, having to use both of these together or experiencing ‚flooding‘ through to your clothes or bedding. Because Kaz has no preexisting medical causes for excessive menstrual bleeding, over 19 years she’s experimented with foods to see if they coincide with heavier or prolonged bleeds.

Automakers i

Automakers induced buyers further by offering incentives on outgoing 2015 models. TrueCar said the car companies spent 14.1 percent more than last October on cash back promotions and other deals. Chevrolet was offering zero percent financing for up to 72 months on a 2015 Camaro, while Toyota advertised $2,000 cash back on a 2015 Avalon sedan..

Inter Milan International Champions Cup tickets at Bank of America Stadium. We also have cheap tickets for all other International Champions Cup events in the United States. Soccer fans are encouraged to add promo code SOCCER for added savings.. In addition to building on the progress that has been made thus far, we respectfully urge you to make it clear to President Xi that Chinese steel dumping and illegal trade practices are unacceptable.Our steelworkers and iron ore miners can compete with anyone in the world, but when foreign producers dump cheap steel in our country, it undercuts our domestic industry and puts American jobs at risk. We encourage you to build on the progress that has been made to address unprecedented global steel overcapacity and unfair trade practices. (Credit: Wallens)A parent’s love knows no bounds.

You can find lots of information about geothermal systems by searching the web. I found an instructable where someone used the temperature of their well water to cool their house. It made me think “ If I could tap into this temperature difference in a closed loop system it could be useful “ so I started digging..

It’s like they’re trying too hard. Like they’re trying to sing in spots that normally wouldn’t work.“ A huge fan of droning psychedelia and the melding of musical genres, a huge fan of the „difficult“ when it comes to appreciating the aural arts, <a href=““>cheap jerseys</a> I attempt to explain the unexplainable: How ironic it is that she mentioned the singing, as part of the shtick of Singer is that all four members must sing, <a href=““>wholesale jerseys cheap</a> sometimes in eerie falsetto harmonies in places where you least expect it. How in their promo photos, at least, the guys in Singer don’t really look like a throwback to the early ’90s, but more like „cool weirdo art dudes.“ Still not convinced, she hands me another glass of Two Buck Chuck, quipping some cynical witticism about how cheap wine is better than this awful CD to which I’m making her listen.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the more dials per hour, the better. That is a big misnomer! EX> Lets suppose you are selling a sophisticated software application and need a company to properly qualify the prospects for you. If a provider tells you they can make 30 dials an hour on average, that’s 2 minutes per call! How is it possible to effectively have a quality conversation with a prospect in 2 minutes? Its not.

The down ballot

The down ballot. We’ll have the dozen congressional races. Plus sheriffs and school boards and questions only voters can answer. Petersburg to the Gulfport Biloxi International Airport. Moments after touching down dozens of Floridians boarded buses to whisk them off to Beau Rivage Casino.Tina Knierim, a passenger said, „I just want to win some money. Maybe this might be my lucky day.“Passengers said they felt lucky their travel plans didn have them leaving a day earlier.

In recent years, the United States has enactedsome regulations to control or prohibit the disposal of eWastein this country. But this has merely shifted, not solved the problem byencouraging the export of eWaste to foreign countries, especially thosein Asia, while at the same time opposing international regulations to addressthis global problem. In citieslike Shanton and Guiyu, dubbed China’s Electronic Waste Village,hundreds of thousands of workers labor for just $1.50 a day and areexposedto dangerous chemicals while they break down computers,mobile phones, tablets, and other devices in order to salvage minutetraces of rare metals.

En se baladant sur les quelques kilomtres de ghats qui longent le Gange, on observe les baigneurs de tous ges en train de se purifier dans le trs pollu fleuve sacr. Autour d’eux, des troupeaux entiers de vaches tout aussi sacres plongent dans l’eau opaque pour se rafrachir. Outre les dchets de toutes sortes qui flottent la surface, l’ide que des cadavres d’enfants, de suicids, de femmes enceintes, d’hommes saints et autres interdits de crmation y sont rgulirement jets nous convainc de ne pas y tremper le pied notre tour..

A spa would not need a large panel. But then again. Some like it hot!. Whether you live in an apartment and want to prevent everyday noise from traveling through thin walls or you’re planning to set up a theater, music, cinema or recording room, soundproofing makes for a much quieter <a href=““>cheap jerseys</a> life for you and your neighbors. Once you have soundproofed a room, not only does it prevent sound from escaping, but the materials keep sound from penetrating the room <a href=““>wholesale jerseys</a> as well. While not everyone has the budget for major, built in soundproofing options and in rental properties this is not an option anyway there are still plenty of budget friendly options for soundproofing..

Was a lot of fun. Of course, it got even better for Howard moments later when he made a big save on Lucic then watched teammate Pavel Datsyuk scored the winner. Iginla, by the way, wasn about to declare this Wings team up with the Cup winners he battled while with the Flames.

why the chinese will pay for content that americans won’t


You pick. Either way, dinner will be cheap and tasty. I’ve been coming tothe newish downtown Sarasota bakery and coffee shopon the regular, stopping in six or so times over the last couple weeks, plopping down at one of the store’s basic white tables and taking advantage of the free Wi Fi. Customers wander in to pick up custom crafted cakes they’ve ordered or to snag their signature cake <a href=““>cheap jerseys</a> pops, or even just to say hey and check out the new kid on the block.

In 2006 the bikers came to suspect what he was doing and gave him a savage beating as a prelude to killing him. He escaped and is now living in another country under a new name.. Isn the result that we were hoping for as a city, but it does provide us with a deeper understanding of the realities of building a large scale flood protection plan, city council member Dave Lehner said in a prepared statement. Only a portion of the $543 million price tag is directly tied into levees and flood walls, only a relatively minor amount of cost savings can be reached by dropping the height of these protective features by three to seven feet.

If you find this a reasonable trade off for a gaming friendly GPU, go hog wild. Personally, I’ve found myself willing to give up some graphics performance in exchange for better battery life and the possibility of an extended battery (which is hit and miss with Asus).

The company is best known for its work with the Indian government, which it supplied with low cost tablets for a program to get technology into the hands of students. Datawind was recently named one of the world’s 50 smartest companies by the MIT Technology Review magazine for launching those tablets, branded under the Aakash name.

HavenCo takes care of issues related to the physical location of Sealand (like actually mounting a server on a rack), and the user takes care of the rest. Few things that only we can do because of our physical location we do, and we do it well, says Ryan Lackey, a former MIT student who now serves as HavenCo Chief Technical Officer.